ET1 Acrylic Earring Tester

ET1 Acrylic Earring Tester

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Product Code: ET1

Size: 45 x 110 (W x L x D)
Min Order Qty: Each

Have this handy acrylic earring tester on hand for customers who would like to “try on” earrings before they purchase.
The earring fits to the end of the tester so your customer can easily hold the earring up to their ear to see how it will look, all without the earring actually touching your customer’s ear.

Excellent from a health and hygiene perspective!

Like we have, these earring testers can also be personalised with you business name – either by printing or with a sticker.

45 x 110 x 3mm?(W x L x D)
Sold Individually

Product code: ET1

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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