Large Clear Acrylic Tray & Boxes – ACT436 – 370 x 205 x 20mm

Large Clear Acrylic Tray & Boxes – ACT436 – 370 x 205 x 20mm

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Item Code: ACT436
Size: 370 x 205 x 20mm

This large acrylic gem tray is ideal for keeping faceted gemstones sorted.
The individual gem boxes hold your stones secure, even during transportation.

The tray includes 4 removable nesting trays, each holding nine 50 x 25mm clear acrylic gem boxes.
The nesting trays have recesses in the base for the individual gem boxes to slot into.
The gem boxes have trench-style flocked foam inserts, and firm-fitting lids.

The large tray can be used as a protective lid at gem shows, expos, etc.
Simply group the nesting trays together on the table top and reverse the tray on top to create a lid.

Also supplied with these trays are small cards on which you can fill in your gemstone details – CCC, price, registry number, etc.

Product code: ACT436

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