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Gemstone box – deep based – with multi-layered flocked velvet foam insert



Code: U/A 22AS

Size: 41 x 41 x 17mm (W x L x H)


If you use a large volume of these plastic boxes, getting the 22AS box unassembled is the most economical way of buying them.

Supplied with the clear acrylic lids, black or white deep bases and multi-layered peelable flocked foam inserts – all separate.
You put the parts together as you need to put your items into a box.
The inserts are supplied in sheet form, but pre-pressed to fit the carton.

For larger stones that you want to sit deeper in the box, simply peel a layer of foam off the bottom of the insert.

The list price is for a carton of 1000 units.
Smaller quantities are also available assembled in cartons of 100 – Ass 22AS.

If you require a shallower based box, we suggest our U/A 22S box.

Please Note:
The lids and bases of the old and new styles of this box are NOT interchangeable.