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Necklace box – black cardboard



Code: CPL-6N

Size: 187 x 187 x 32mm
Min. Order Qty: 12

The CPL Series of boxes is made from cardboard, covered with a matt black paper.
There is no texture in the paper, making it perfectly suitable for printing or adhering a label.

This style of box can be used for displaying your jewellery, as well as storage and gift packaging.

The lid is fully removable from the base, so it can be tucked completely underneath while the box is open.
Alternatively, sit the front of the base into the front of the lid, resting the back of the base on the back edge of the lid.
This creates a ramping effect to display your jewellery at the perfect viewing angle for your customers.

This necklace box has a plush flat pad insert, with two tabs at the top to hold your jewellery in place.
The insert also has a flip-out cardboard stand on the back. This allows you to use the insert on it’s own as a display piece.